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26m, a London-based fintech startup that provides loans to small and medium-sized businesses, has made waves in the financial technology industry with its innovative platform and successful fundraising efforts. In February 2022, the company worddocx announced a $26 million Series A funding round led by Sequoia, one of the world’s leading venture capital firms. This partnership is aligned with 26m’s mission to provide accessible and affordable funding to small and medium-sized businesses and Sequoia’s focus on supporting companies that create positive social and environmental impact, as well as financial returns.

About 26m

26m was founded in 2019 by Will Becker, the co-founder of online currency exchange platform, Currencyfair. 26m’s platform is designed hdxwallpaper to provide small and medium-sized businesses with fast and affordable access to loans, without the bureaucracy and high costs associated with traditional lenders. The company uses cutting-edge technology to assess the creditworthiness of potential borrowers and offer loans within minutes, with funds typically being transferred within 24 hours.

26m has already funded over 1,000 loans to businesses across the UK, ranging from sole traders to companies with over 250 employees. The telesup company has received recognition for its innovative platform, winning the Best SME Lender Award at the 2021 British Bank Awards.

Partnership with Sequoia

26m’s partnership with Sequoia is a significant milestone for the company, providing it with access to Sequoia’s extensive network of contacts and happn resources in the technology industry. The partnership will focus on expanding 26m’s presence in the UK and Europe, with a particular emphasis on supporting businesses that are working to create positive social and environmental impact.

As part of the partnership, Sequoia will provide 26m with strategic guidance and support to navigate these markets and identify new growth roobytalk opportunities. Sequoia’s commitment to impact investing makes this partnership a natural fit, as 26m’s platform is designed to support small and medium-sized businesses and drive economic growth.

Impact Investing

Sequoia’s commitment to impact investing aligns with 26m’s focus on creating positive social and environmental impact, as well as financial returns. The Impact Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports social entrepreneurs and impact investors, provides resources and support to Sequoia and other impact investors. Sequoia is a founding member of the Impact Foundation and works closely with the organization to identify and support high-impact social enterprises.

Sequoia has a strong track record of impact investing, with investments in technology startups that are working to solve some of the most pressing problems in society. The firm’s portfolio includes companies that are tackling climate change, improving healthcare, and advancing social justice.

26m’s platform is well-suited to the impact investing philosophy, as it provides accessible and affordable funding to small and medium-sized businesses, which are often overlooked by traditional lenders. The partnership with Sequoia allows 26m to expand its impact to new markets and support businesses that are also committed to creating positive social and environmental impact.

Future of Fintech

The financial technology industry is rapidly evolving, with new startups emerging and traditional financial institutions adapting to changing customer expectations. Fintech companies like 26m are disrupting the industry by providing innovative solutions that are more affordable and accessible than traditional banking services.

With the support of Sequoia and other impact investors, 26m can continue to drive innovation in the fintech space. The partnership between 26m and Sequoia is a testament to the power of impact investing and the potential for technology to create positive change in the world.


26m’s partnership with Sequoia provides the company with access to the resources it needs to expand its presence in the UK and Europe and support small and medium-sized businesses. The partnership is aligned

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